Бумажная фабрика «Спартак»

JSC "Paper-mill "Spartak" acts with principles of cost accounting, is a legal face, has the isolated property, independent balance, the settlement account in bank, a press, a stamp. Now JSC "Paper-mill "Spartak" releases over 20 names of production. Manufacture specializes on release of following basic kinds of production:
  • Paper goffered;
  • Paper - the basis for the production of toilet paper, napkins and paper towels;
  • Cardboard goffered, boxes from the goffered cardboard.
  • Products for sanitary purposes (in the roll of toilet paper, napkins and paper towels);
  • Lumpy pads (for egg trays);
  • Liner cardboard and paper spiral-wound.
Except for release of basic production the enterprise renders the whole complex of the services including:
  • Manufacturing of production (a paper, a cardboard, the goffered cardboard) from the customer's raw material;
  • Delivery of heat to other consumers.
  • Rendering of single services to the population, etc.